The weeklong project explored the potential for the overlap between free play and art practice to inform planning and building for a section of the disused St Clement's Hospital, Mile End.

The site, a piece of land untouched and overgrown for over fifteen years and claimed by ELCLT London's first ever community land trust was transformed by two groups of local children into a full-scale playground.

The project highlighted the need for additional play areas in the neighbourhood while the materiality, atmosphere and dark history provided ample natural and manmade loose parts¹ for old and newly invented games, ad hoc adaptations and design interventions.

¹ “In any environment both the degree of inventiveness and creativity and the possibility of discovery, are directly proportional to the number and kind of variables in it.” (Nicholson, S. The Theory of Loose Parts, 1971) download here

Photos by: Paul Khera, Juliet Haysom, BH-N
Commissioned by muf. architecure/art, 2013