A two week residency at the Polder region of north Netherlands with Studio Makkink & Bey resulting in a commission to design Room #3 at the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam.

The room was divided into a four sections in a linear gradient: Black - leisure and rest; dark grey - storage and bathroom; light grey - bedroom; and white - dining / gallery.

The dining/gallery walls were clad with specificly produced images of public life and behaviours (Orderly Conduct Amsterdam), that serve as decoration/information and providing the transient occupant with a glimpse of the city and its people.

A set of furniture (Polder chairs and table) were also designed to be balanced each time by the care-taker. The precariously balanced objects attempted to create a new 'care' experience, connecting room service, furniture, occupant and space.

Last two images are of pieces by Clemence Seilles

Exhibition: Inside Design, Amsterdam 2009
In collaboration with Clemence Seilles, So Hyun Kim and Nina Mrsnik